Alma 7:13 (My Mission Scripture)

"Now the Spirit knoweth all things; nevertheless the Son of God suffereth according to the flesh that he might take upon him the sins of his people, that he might blot out their transgressions according to the power of his deliverance; and now behold, this is the testimony which is in me." -Alma 7:13

Monday, August 10, 2009

Coming Face-to-Face with Reality

Sometimes I doubt myself, call it being a part of the human-race. However it my mind it's just another everyday thing that I come face-to-face with. “No big deal!” Right!?!?! I tend to doubt my abilities, my courage, my strength, and most of all, my ability to show compassion to others. I don't want to continue to be someone who just passes everyone else by and acts like nothing has happened within my world to change and transform me into the person I am today. No, I am determined to be different! In an excellent way. How do I go about this? I am determined to live my life for Christ, because I know that He is the only one who can truly take all my junk out of my hands and out of my control and take everything and mold it like clay into whatever He wants. Then the question I should be asking myself is, Why do we continue to doubt things within our lives?

I want to help one of my friends, not just in some selfish way of becoming a Mormon. Or finally finding the truth. Especially since I have just found the truth myself. I wanted to help her find something to Believe in. Something so Big, and so Powerful, Loving and Beautiful that nothing could possibly be better.

Someone once explained the Savior's love to me, as being greater than anything else that you could possibly think of that you could possibly gain on this Earth. Better and Greater than Sugar, Exericse, Alcohol, Tobacco, or Anything else even imageable.

My question to anyone out there reading this is... How do you go about explaining that to someone? This is what I'm trying to learn and aquire. And Man... it's frustrating trying to figure this stuff out in your own head. Let me tell you! Ugh!
Praying and Reading the Scriptures. That's the only answer to this question, that I can possibly think of. Heavenly Father will lead me on the correct path. He promises that he will. (Proverbs 3:5)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The E.F.Y. Experience, from a Kentuckian's Point of View

I couldn't get a place in the Bowling Green, Ky E.F.Y (Especially for Youth) so I did my research like a good little teenager and I decided that I would find the cheapest flight from three destinations. The choices were: BYU-Hawaii, California, or UNLV- Las Vegas. The cheapest flight was Vegas. So I hoped on the plane. After being late, being forced to pay for an extra bag, running through the airport like a crazy person, and sitting next to a man on the plane who happened to have 1/3 of himself in the aile and somehow or another was sitting 1/2 way on me.

I kept thinking this day or trip has to be good. Or heck my patience wouldn't have been tested so badly earlier that day. There was nothing that was going to get in my way of getting to UNLV and having a great time. Learning about the Savior and most of all learning how to dress modestly. But we'll get to that in a moment.

I was the only Kentuckian. One of the five Easterns to shoe up to E.F.Y. in Vegas. The others were from Northern Ohio, and Two guys who happened to be in my group were from Alexandria, Lousiana. One guy who I never got to meet was from Florida. So I heard. haha! My group's name was "Shafts in the Whirlwind" As you can see in the pictures, we had a GRAND 'old time. For sure... even with the Kentucky Girl. Mine you everyone out West thought that my UK Wildcats Dress was representing the High School Musicial Wildcats. (Thankfully, NOT!)

One of the funniest expereince Ever... (one of the pictures shows you what I'm talking about) We were not allowed to hold hands or anything, mainly because they were afarid we would be exposed to the Swine Flu. So a couple of my friends and I decided we were rebel against their CRAZY ways... so they did this Hand Sanizater thing everywhere we went. SO..... Everytime we would give each other a High 5 or a Hand Shake and they recieve the Hand Sanizater. It was the best thing Ever! :) lol!

Ahhhh....The Modest issues. Skirts and Shorts had to be @ least to the knee, I didn't have a problem on the other days it was the Sunday Dress day I had the most problems with. I ended up using a friend's skirt underneath my skirt to prevent the issue form continuing. The dances were great, the people were amazing and most of all... Being MODEST is the Hottest!!!

Take care, aksredsox.