Alma 7:13 (My Mission Scripture)

"Now the Spirit knoweth all things; nevertheless the Son of God suffereth according to the flesh that he might take upon him the sins of his people, that he might blot out their transgressions according to the power of his deliverance; and now behold, this is the testimony which is in me." -Alma 7:13

Friday, November 5, 2010

This Place

How I wish I could express the love of this place, the feeling you get from just understanding His entire Love for everyone. My family just doesn't get it, it kills me. I want for them to experience this Love from the Savior that I feel. This knowledge of having the complete gospel in my life. There are so many choices that by having this gospel in my life have changed me. Changed my life, in a positive way. Forcing me into making very difficult decisions to help mold the person for who I am becoming. It's def. not easy, but it's totally worth every minute.

I would give anything for them just to know, to accept it. But all I can do is be the best example. Learn from my situation, grow from it. Accept where I'm at and know this is where I'm suppose to be, and truly learn to love it, this is Me.

I've been going through a lot of stress with regards to family, school, friends, rooommates, dumb boys... haha. All in all it's just another one of those hurdles in life that we have to jump. I know I will push through this, just gotta keep my head up. My nose clean. Know who I am. "Just Do It!"

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sunday, October 3, 2010

General Conference

Drove down to SLC/Provo Friday night... it was crazy intense. Traffic coming from Provo (where we dropped off two people) to West Jordan, where we were staying took an hour or so just to go like 5 miles. It was terrible, but we survived via 7/11 Slurpees and some tunes. A clean windshield also helped! (From the 250 mile journey, lots of dead bugs! Thanks Amber!) But we made it.

We realized that since the traffic was so bad that our bestie Brian P. might not be able to make the trip from Provo to W. Jordan b/c of the lame traffic... which was EXTREMELY sad! But it all worked out in the end. We went to Temple Square early Saturday... too early. Used a parking pass that Rebekah's Dad so graciously got for us. Then walked to the JS Building watched to movie (we all cried... all three of us girls!) then watched the first session of Conference. It was so awesome to watch it on such a HUGE screen, especially with it being so close. We all cried some more! Ate lunch at the JS Building, b/c EVERYONE knows that Navooo Caf'e is the best place... in my opinion. Our good friend Dallin called and needed a ride home to Rexburg, we told him that we had a surprise for him... that if he could get to Temple Square before the afternoon session then he could have the extra ticket that Brian couldn't use. :( but :) at the same time... ugh... quite confusing as well!

Went and took a few pictures. Met up with Dallin, he was able to attend Conference with us and get a ride home. Conference was so awesome. Just being in the building the spirit was so strong. I didn't cry as much I did during the A.M. session but that might have been due to the fact that when the spirit is that strong... well... I learned that I tend to fall asleep. (This is not the first time I came across this! haha!) So Rebekah and I had to keep each other awake together the entire afternoon session. It was def. one of those experiences that can NEVER be replaced. It was so amazing, just to be in the same building as the Prophet and the rest of the leaders of the Church.

Headed back Saturday night, got into Rexburg at 2 a.m.- ish. Divided up driving between Rebekah, Brian, and myself. I loved going, I would recommend it to anyone that gets a chance. It's def. not an experience that can obviously be explained, that well. But it's something that everyone has to experience for themselves. :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Why Idaho?

Last year, about this time of year. I was trying to figure out what next to do with my life. I visited Salt Lake City and Rexburg, Idaho and prayed about the trip on the plane back to Kentucky. I knew that the spirit I felt on BYU-Idaho's campus was something way different than anything I had ever experienced. However I couldn't figure it out exactly.

A year later, looking back I know that coming to Rexburg, Idaho has been one of the best decisions I could have made in my life. I came out here not knowing a single soul, not having a single idea of how I was going to make it 1,770 miles across the country by myself with family support, but the Lord provided. I shipped my car (which was an experience within it's self), shipped lots of clothing, bought a plane ticket for myself and a friend and left the day after graduation to become a College kid the next day. I honestly think that at this point I am finally starting to get use to the dramatic change and move. Leaving friends and "family" was difficult, don't ever believe for a second it wasn't. It's just the fact that I knew that Heavenly Father was helping me out with every single last detail. Even the things I didn't even think about was amazing! I def. without a doubt have a testimony now of the impact of Relying on the Spirit.

Updates... ok now that my story of moving is covered... My roommates probably think I'm crazy. Oh wait, duh! They already know that. I'm having a great time with them. Going to the Dunes, shopping at Wal-Mart (haha... Rexburg!), going to Idaho Falls. I've been in Idaho for almost two weeks now and they have been amazing!!! Alright, so I've been a bit... okay... a lot "Guy Crazy" lately. Honestly, trying to apply for jobs and still getting everything settled from the move is crazy. I miss my friends and I have a need to meet so many people. That's just part of who I am. It's been so much fun already of being a College kid without the actual College work. I'm so thankful for my blessing in my life and for having the Church within my life. :)